Website User Guide

This document describes how to use virtually all of the various features of this site. Power users will want to make sure they fully understand the everything contained in this document. Casual users will benefit greatly by at least familiarizing themselves and keeping it available as a reference.

All users should feel free to explore all aspects of this site. You cannot harm anything. Once you are familiar with the navigation and all of the functionality, you will hopefully find that it is a great tool. Many users have begun to use sites like these in their everyday work saving them valuable time that it would normally take to physically go to all of the agencies to gather this information. The ability of making the data interact with each other has never been available before.

One last note, while you cannot unintentionally harm the site, please take your time as you work with the software. Clicking too quickly can result in the application not receiving data requests and requiring you to start over from the beginning.

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