On-line property information is provided as a public service by the Assessor's Office in St. Joseph County, Indiana. You can access, via the Internet, every residential and commercial property record within the working St. Joseph County Assessor's database. The website is available at http://in-stjoseph-assessor.governmax.com. Using the parcel search tool on the regional GIS website, you can also link directly to the assessment for a specific property through a link at the top of the report option.

To the left of the details for a specific parcel are a number of options including Parcel, Land, Improvements, Sales History, and ProvalPRC.

  • Parcel - the Parcel tab provides basic summary data about the owner, location, and assessment value of the property.
  • Land - the Land tab provides frontage and acreage information about the parcel.
  • Improvements - the Improvements tab includes construction years for the various structures that may be present on the property. Clicking on the View Details next to a structure provides details of the building as well as a frontage photo of the main structure.
  • Sales History - the Sales History tab provides details of past transfers of the parcel.
  • ProvalPRC - the ProvalPRC tab is a link to the property record card and can be accessed by clicking on the PRC link.